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Setting Trends

Rooster, XVII - Painting, 24.00 " tall by 24.00 " wide, oil on canvas

Artist: Gail Dee Guirreri Maslyk

"As of 2015, I have been searching my creative process for 25 years. Techniques of line, composition and color improve with each canvas. There is always another subject to be intrigued by. My own horses change color every day right in front of me in changing light. I watch how their jaws move, withers twitch, tails swish, and contrapposto shoulder and hip positions while I fill their water tanks. But what brings me to paint is my quest for that moment in time to be frozen on canvas in colors that surprise me as it does in life; similar to tasting a perfect glass of champagne for the first time. I do not seek to capture the moment as it was physically in that spot but the whole moment of my life. How did I feel? What was the mood of light and temperature? Where did I live? How were my friends and family doing? Even the sound of the wood floor under my feet and the warm breeze coming in a special studio becomes part of that moment of the creative process. My life is hidden in my canvases and brought back to me in these memories no different than a diary. In past bios I mention ‘the need for peace on the farm to allow myself room to paint’. Now maybe I think it was that peace and happiness I wanted to capture in my art no matter the subject of my painting. Going forward with this awareness I expect to see another level of growth and purpose in my art this next 25 years." - Gail Dee Guirreri Maslyk